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The Digital Marketing Surge in Trinidad & Tobago

Everyone and their mother has suddenly gone into digital marketing because people are learning online (or otherwise) that the revenue is “nice” and “easy”. Some are doing it because they have a considerable number of social media followers and believe it to be as simple as some YouTubers portray.

While many may deny it as their primary motivation, there is a discernible connection between the zeitgeist reflected in the information’s exposure and the recent uptick in self-proclaimed digital marketers.

While it’s all good for everyone to pursue meaningful careers and businesses, here’s what to expect with this recent upsurge:

A Collapse in Quality Services.

The real Professional Digital Marketers who are truly talented will have to compete with unprofessional, and untalented people claiming to be digital marketers because the entry level has now dropped.

There’s nothing wrong with competition, however…

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