Another 10 Signs You’re a True Trini

Because everyone loved the last “10 signs you’re a Trini”, we decided to do another ‘10 signs’ and go harder. So many thought that if they didn’t live up to the last ‘10 signs’ were NOT a true Trini. These are not the “10 Trini Commandments” okay.

If it’s one thing about every, single, Trini is we don’t like to being told we not Trini enough. Better yuh cuss we mudda instead.

Lets begin!

1. Love chow!
No one gets more hate than the person who posts up the chow they just made and didn’t share. Once something grows on a tree Trinis will find a way to make the young ones into a chow.

2. You put ketchup, mustard and/or pepper sauce on your pizza. 
The proper way to eat a pizza is with no condiments. But you weren’t raised like that. Homemade pizza needs ketchup mustard and pepper sauce, so you still do it when you buy Marios.

3. Beach is everything!
Beach is we Coconut Oil. You have a broken heart? Sea breeze will solve that. You have a cold? A dip in the salt water fixin that. Need some money? It have sand dollar at the beach.Have nowhere to live? Build a sand castle.

4. Yuh “brokes”, yet still spending money
Trinis good at is spending money they don’t have. Trinis claim to be real, but still taking loan to impress other people. They affording brand new car from the showroom but still renting. If a Trini ever started living within their means, they would shrivel up and fade away.

5. Can’t take criticism
Even if the criticism is constructive, rather than improve, a Trini would “fight down” and prove you down the last to justify why they’re so or why they doing things so.

6. You “Yankee”
If America sneezes, we catch a cold. Trinis somehow feel American lifestyle is the highest standard of living though it’s not. We’ve adopted so much of their lifestyles it’s hard to know what a Trini is anymore. Hence the need for these articles.

Americans vacation here and don’t go back with a Trini accent, Trinis just have to walk into a Starbucks here and they have more accent than Hyundai.

7. Carnival in we Blood
When you view a Trini’s blood under a microsope the blood cells playing mas and “wining dong” the place. The same sentence but for the Yankees to understand, the blood cells are having an elaborate costume and underwear party, gyrating constantly.

8. Everything is ah Fete
If COVID-19 wasn’t transmitted by close contact, we’re 110% sure Trinis would’ve had a “COVID fete” by now. Scratch that, only because the Government made it illegal to do it, is why we not feting, because people are having their illegal private, super-spreader parties in any case, but they’re too small to be called a fete. Imagine if we had no restrictions!

9. Always “trying ah ting”
You will never here ah Trini “doing” something, they’re always “trying ah ting”. From homework, to starting a new business, home repairs, to hitting on a girl, Trinis always “trying ah ting”, even in politics, this is obvious because if they were actually doing something, we wouldn’t still be a third-world country despite having so many resources.

10. Have no faith in our leaders
Maybe its because we’ve heard too many corruption stories and almonst no politician gets jail time. Or maybe because when you lookup Nepotism in the dictionary you’ll see a Trini Politician as an example. Unless a Trini directly profits from rubbing shoulders with a politician, we not taking their word.


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