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Business Owners Seek Safety Abroad: Escaping Trinidad’s High Crime Rates

Trinidad and Tobago is grappling with a growing concern that is pushing its local business owners away. The soaring crime rates and the constant threat of being targeted by criminals armed with powerful weapons have created an atmosphere of fear and insecurity.

As illegal guns flood society and law enforcement struggles to keep up, business owners are left with few options but to flee in search of safety elsewhere. This exodus of entrepreneurs not only affects the local economy but also highlights the urgent need for effective crime solutions in Trinidad.

Rampant Crime and Ineffectual Law Enforcement

Trinidad and Tobago has been plagued by high crime rates for years, with a significant rise in violent offences and home invasions. The prevalence of illegal powerful guns has given criminals a dangerous advantage, leading to an atmosphere of lawlessness.

While the Police Service does its best to address crime, they face numerous challenges in combating this pervasive issue. Limited resources, outdated technology, and a lack of manpower hinder their efforts to solve crimes and bring criminals to justice. As a result, many crimes, including brutal home invasions, often go unsolved, leaving victims traumatized and perpetrators unpunished.

Fear and Insecurity Gripping Business Owners

The escalating crime wave has had a severe impact on local business owners, who find themselves increasingly targeted by criminals seeking financial gains. The threats are not limited to their workplaces; the criminals’ audacity extends to invading their homes, where residents face the risk of brutal attacks, sometimes in front of their loved ones. This has left business owners living in constant fear, always looking over their shoulders and feeling unsafe no matter where they are.

Consequences: Fleeing Trinidad or Living Abroad

Given the grim reality of their daily lives, many business owners have been forced to make difficult decisions. They are left with two choices: close their businesses and permanently relocate abroad or continue operating their businesses from a distance, periodically visiting Trinidad. Either way, the result is the same – the money that could have been reinvested in Trinidad’s economy is redirected elsewhere.

This brain and capital drain is detrimental to the country’s growth and development, as local businesses are essential for creating jobs, driving innovation, and contributing to the overall prosperity of the nation.

The Urgent Need for Crime Solutions

Trinidad and Tobago’s government must acknowledge the urgency of the situation and take swift action to address the root causes of crime. The focus should be on implementing comprehensive crime prevention strategies, strengthening law enforcement agencies, and improving intelligence gathering and sharing capabilities.

Adequate funding and resources should be allocated to equip the police force with the necessary tools and training to combat crime effectively. Additionally, community-based programs should be established to foster trust and cooperation between the public and law enforcement, encouraging citizens to report crimes and assist in investigations.


The exodus of local business owners from Trinidad due to high crime rates and the constant risk of being targeted by armed criminals is a troubling trend. The lack of effective crime solutions has left business owners feeling unsafe and reluctant to invest in their own country. It is imperative for the government to prioritize crime prevention and ensure the safety and security of its citizens. By addressing the underlying issues contributing to crime, Trinidad and Tobago can create an environment where business owners feel secure and confident in reinvesting their profits, fostering economic growth and prosperity for the nation.


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