Mom Uses ‘Looking Loudly’ Technique to Find Lost Child in Minutes

Losing a child in a crowded place is a nightmare for any parent, but a clever technique called “looking loudly” is proving to be an effective solution. Krista Piper, a wedding photographer and mother of two, recently shared her experience of losing her three-year-old daughter, Lily, in a large indoor play area and how she quickly found her using this method.

Krista recounted the incident in an emotional TikTok video. While chatting with another parent, she suddenly realized Lily was missing. Panic set in, but then she remembered a TikTok video she had seen about a year ago. The video featured a mother who lost her child in a supermarket and instead of calling the child’s name, she shouted out a description of what the child was wearing. This approach, known as “looking loudly,” aims to involve everyone around in the search by providing clear, descriptive information about the missing child.

“So that is what I did,” Krista explained. “I stopped calling out her name and I started yelling: ‘Little girl, pink shirt, pink Minnie Mouse shirt!’ I’m sure people thought I was a little crazy, but within a couple of minutes, another mom spotted her and I was reunited with my daughter.”

The concept behind “looking loudly” is simple yet effective. By describing the child’s appearance rather than just calling their name, parents can engage the help of numerous bystanders. This increases the chances of someone spotting the child quickly. TikTok user @jesmartini also endorses this technique, sharing how it helped her find her son in a busy supermarket. She advises parents to loudly describe their child’s age, hair colour, and clothing, thus enlisting the help of everyone in the vicinity.

“Now you’ve got every single person who’s around you looking for your child instead of just you,” she explains in her video. “Best case scenario, somebody finds your child and returns them to you. Worst case scenario, someone trying to walk away with your child will let them go because they don’t want that sort of commotion.”

In addition to using the “looking loudly” method, @jesmartini suggests dressing children in bright, matching colours to make them more noticeable in crowded places. This can be particularly helpful in amusement parks, zoos, or malls where children can easily get lost.

Parents who have learned about the “looking loudly” technique are praising its effectiveness. Many agree that shouting a child’s description is far more helpful than just calling their name. One parent commented, “Yelling their name doesn’t help because no one knows what Sally looks like, but they can pick out a three-year-old in a pink shirt and blue jeans.” Another added, “This is such incredible advice and any parent’s worst nightmare. So thankful for mums pulling together to help find her.”

Krista’s quick thinking and the support of other parents helped reunite her with Lily in minutes. Her story highlights the importance of sharing practical safety tips and the power of community in ensuring the safety of our children.

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