WATCH: The AMAZING Story of “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy

There’s a story behind this song? Was my first thought upon seeing this.

I’m sure you’re thinking this video is about the lyrics that are based a true story/events and they told it through song. Like most of us did back in the day But it’s NOT!

Even the guy who came up with the lyrics, said his life and personality isn’t like the song.

Napster had a major role to play for it to get its first ‘legs’ required for it to become the massive hit it has become! That’s not even the best part… Hawaii, not Jamaica, the Caribbean or even the U.S.A. made it a hit first! Everyone else caught on after!

I hope watching this you are truly astounded by this as I was. It sure brought back major nostalgia for me, growing up hearing it everywhere at the time.

In reality it also reminded me, once something is meant to be great, NOTHING can stop it from. Not even the people in charge of making it great who thought it was trash!


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