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WATCH: The Displaced: When 40,000 desperate Venezuelans hit a tiny island – BBC News

This mini-documentary, by the BBC, aims to shed light on the status of the Venezuelans entering our small twin-island due to their own economic crisis in Venezuela.
It features a Venezuelan family trying to cope with a new life in Trinidad while exposing some of the setbacks of our nation to facilitate such a situation.

It reveals the inability of our country to obviously cope with such an influx of migrants, plus how we are viewed internationally.

Our country can barely manage itself, much less “deal with other people problem”. However, the situation in Venezuela is one of the worst in modern times and Trinidad is trying its best to manage such a situation.

Let us know what you think about this perspective from the BBC. Is it in line with what is really happening? Did it open your eyes to more? Or is it inaccurately portrayed?
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