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Is Crime a Result of Our Lack of Unity?

A Nation Divided, Crime on the Rise

In recent times, Trinidad and Tobago has found itself grappling with an alarming surge in crime rates, leaving citizens living in constant fear. The prevailing sentiment among the populace is that this upsurge is directly linked to a lack of unity within the nation, a departure from the era when the people were more cohesive and united and crime rates were at their lowest.

The Unity Paradox: Outnumbering Crime Yet Overpowered

Trinidad and Tobago boasts a population that, when unified, significantly outnumbers the criminal elements within its borders. However, despite the numerical advantage, a palpable sense of overpowering fear has taken hold of the nation. The question arises: why has the unity that once defined the nation eroded, allowing crime to flourish?

Political Agendas and Division

Critics argue that the current administration plays a role in perpetuating this disunity through their political agenda. Allegations suggest that policies and actions taken by those in power have contributed to the growing divide among the people. The notion that a united front is essential in combating crime gains traction when reflecting on the nation’s history. Decades and generations ago, Trinidad experienced lower crime rates during periods of greater unity.

The Influence of Higher Powers and Authority

A prevailing belief among the citizens is that higher powers may have a role in both perpetuating and combating crime. The suspicion that some individuals in positions of authority may be involved in organized crime is not unique to Trinidad; this global phenomenon has been observed elsewhere. The fear instilled by criminal elements is seen as a tool used by both external and internal forces to maintain control.

Beyond Politics: A Divided Society

While political agendas may play a part, the nation’s increasing division is attributed to factors beyond the political sphere. The rise of self-indulgence and self-absorption among the populace, influenced by foreign lifestyles, celebrities, media or the traditional values of wealthy ancestors, has contributed to a diminishing concern for others. In the pursuit of personal and selfish gain, the sense of community has waned, leaving space for crime to take root.

The Call for Action: Crime is Solvable

Despite the challenges, the message is clear – crime is a solvable problem. The responsibility lies not only with those in authority but also with the citizens. Observers note that, as leaders appear indifferent to the plight of the population, perhaps it is time for the nation to reclaim control of its destiny.

Unite or Fall: A Stark Warning

The call for unity resonates as a dire warning. If Trinidad and Tobago fails to bridge the divides and restore the once-strong sense of community, it risks becoming a haven for criminal elements and corruption. The blame lies not solely with political leaders but with the collective will of the people. The time for unity is now, for the sake of preserving the nation’s once-pristine reputation and securing a safer future for all.


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