HerSTYLS – Women Empowering Brand now an Online Women’s Fashion Store

Founded in 2015 by Shortfilm Director,  Media Producer, and Internet Venturer, Amit P. Rameshwarsingh, a.ka. Amit Giant, originally as a platform for empowering Women, has evolved into a much-needed online store for women’s clothing inclusive of women of all sizes.

Now operated by V. Kerry Sahadeo in partnership with founder Amit P. Rameshwarsingh, both of whom were childhood schoolmates and now life partners, still retains the core women empowerment values while offering much more.

It was always a dream of V. Kerry Sahadeo to open a women’s clothing boutique since she had a knack for outfitting her peers and family members, helping them feel confident. When both Amit and she rekindled their relationship both visions aligned almost perfectly.

Why an Online Store?
Every initiative, no matter the cause, requires funding and that was the most difficult part of keeping Her STYLS going in the early days. Her STYLS store provides the funding while keeping the values of the original vision intact.

A good example of a product-based company that continues to champion, empower and support women globally is Dove.

From inception, Amit was adamant about the vision of women’s empowerment but soon realised after the initial launch it would require much more resources at hand. So with great hesitation and a lot of contemplation he unwillingly paused operations till it became feasible to resume, despite it being well received all around and many eagerly wanting to be a part of and supporting it.

Her STYLS supports, a platform dedicated to the women of Trinidad and Tobago, with a goal to educate girls about modern trends, and lifestyles and inspire them through various forms of storytelling, media and imagery.

About Her STYLS
The name Her STYLS may sound like a foreign brand, but it’s amazingly 100% Trinidad & Tobago born and bred, intended to go beyond local audiences to impact women regionally and if possible internationally. This is why the evolution into an online clothing store was necessary to fuel the original vision rather than relinquishing the timeless brand to a cash-grab entity.

Her STYLS from inception was meant to be a meaningful, substantial initiative that provides value to the women of this world. The name Her S.T.Y.L.S. reflects the dynamic strength yet gentleness women possess, which stands for Her Strong Triumphant Yet Loving Smile.

The Future
Founder Amit Giant and HerSTYLS Director V. Kerry Sahadeo have plans to resume the initiatives for women and educate younger, impressionable girls in the near future. This is much needed in today’s modern society where mental health for women and men, is of great importance and focus.

Supporting local models and personalities is another crucial element of Her STYLS agenda. Established and aspiring models can submit their profiles on to be hired or featured in future endeavours.

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HerSTYLS – Online Fashion Clothing Store hits Trinidad & Tobago

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