Bold, New Platform to Revolutionise Trinidad

Trinidad is changing rapidly, well, where online media is concerned at least and not very often comes a platform to revolutionise it to becoming a top destination for Trinis.

Founded in 2012 as a way to connect us online when very few were doing so, it was a relatively small, yet extremely ambitious feat at the time and has matured into a powerful platform; evolving and improving over the 9-year period to the household name it has become.

What makes it so great?
It’s a first for Trinis; never have we experienced this level of quality online connectivity from Trinis before. It’s familiar yet different, combining the best tools we use on other platforms and leaving out the bad parts, such as data-tracking, targeting and feeding us hateful or toxic content.

How does it work?
Users can create their own virtual space by signing up which takes only a few seconds and choosing their desired profile type. They can upload profile pictures, animated cover photos, and details about themselves or their business. From there they can start sharing their content, such as photos, videos, documents, status updates and more. You’re allowed to switch between profiles at any time to suit your need.

Post Status Updates, share Photos, Videos, Documents and more!

Connect with Others
You can easily connect with other users, by ‘Following’ them or sending a ‘Connect’ request. Online messaging is readily available and when you’ve reached a TriniSpacer level 2, you can create a Group and start a Forum for more like-minded members to interact with and share content alike. You can even integrate Zoom meetings into your group. Requiring TriniSpacer Level 2, which isn’t difficult to reach, for creating a Group keeps the quality of the platform intact.

Start a Professional Blog too
There’s even a professional blogging system for all writers alike and creators who need more. It’s a simple yet powerful interface and your blogs will be seen directly by Members, who can bookmark your articles to read later and even recommend them on the News Feed for everyone to see.

Professional Listings
Members can also instantly create professional Classified Ads and detailed dynamic Events. Members interested in listing their Business or Place can do so easily as well as list Jobs for other members to apply. All of this is done without linking to your Profile because no one really wants their professional listing linked to their profile. A Level 1 Trinispacer will do.

It’s a Community for Trinis
The best part is there’s no “algorithm” to beat. Everyone on the platform has a fair chance. The more you use it, the more achievements and accomplishments you gather which you can keep track of, so you’re not left wondering. You even earn virtual mangoes, a definite first for any platform worldwide, and very ‘Trini’. Which Trini doesn’t love mangoes?

It’s these little details that make it unique to us. It has everything all in one place which is why it’s the ultimate destination for Trinis. This very powerful platform will be used by thousands in the coming year and surely become a top destination for all.

It’s all free and safe.
All the amazing features are completely free and you’re not the product as the saying goes since there’s no data-tracking or collecting other than anonymous analytics, which is standard across all websites on the internet. Your data is anonymous and secure, so you’re not being targeted in any way. It’s almost like the ideal community platform for the modern Trini who values privacy.

Why does it matter?
This community platform is for, and used by Trinis only so it’s effective in bringing us together like never before. What a wonderful thing it is to finally connect with and see what only Trinis are up to.

This moment has been long coming and represents the greatness in what it means to be a Trini.

Over time, Trinis will grow to love and appreciate the powerful virtual world it is and be proud that it is one of ours. Isn’t it time we have “we own ting”?

Local Artists and Content Creators will benefit the most from using the platform since it’s designed to be a community and puts them in direct contact with their intended local audience.

The mobile app is underway and coming soon. You can start the journey as a Trini right now by logging on and creating your own profile and securing your Trini @username before it’s gone.

See for yourself, click here or the image below

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